Welcome Lesley-Ann Armstrong to NI PUMP!

For those who do not know me I am a 31 year old female Personal Trainer and fully qualified Physiotherapist working from Xtreme Fitness in Derry.  I have 7 years experience in the Fitness industry and have been competiting  In bodybuilding shows for the past 5 years.  In this short time I have achieved more than most in a lifetime and gained a NABBA Miss World Title aswell as becoming a WBFF Figure Pro more recently when I competed in Las Vegas a few months ago. 

Through these experiences  I have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how  the body works regards to diet and also how important mindset is in achieving your goals no matter how big or small they are!  Being continually focused and motivated is hard to maintain and requires support to help you along the way.  I am hoping my new online articles will provide you with some direct information  and aid you on your route to the body your all after. 

You name It, I will be covering it……

from general fitness and weigh loss to more specific competition preparation for females!  I will keep you all posted via my facebook page as to when I will be writing new articles for NI PUMP! you can all stay updated and get ready to change your outlook on diet and nutrition!

Below are some of the photos from my recent trip to Las Vegas for the WBFF Figure Pro championships...