Dublin’s Tara – Journey to the Stage

Name: Tara Kelly Born: 3/06/79 Location: Dublin Height: 5ft 5″ Weight (Before): 69kg May 2013 Weight (After): beginning of my prep on 4th June 2016 68kg Time Training: 3 years Favourite Body Part: Glutes and Shoulders Tell Us A Bit About Your Fitness Journey I began my fitness journey in May 2013 when I signed up to a 6 week transformation program. I couldnt believe the changes in my bodyshape in just 6 weeks so I decided to keep going and set myself a goal of competing. I competed in my first competition in May 2014. I was hooked...I loved the challenge of getting my body into the best shape I could to step on stage. Over the next year and a half I took part in several Nifma and Ribbf competitions. Im 37 now with a 17 year old son and stepping on stage with girls 10-15 years younger is not easy but I never felt out of place. In fact it pushed me to work harder to always bring a better version of me to the stage. I always competed with myself not with the girls standing beside me on stage. I always just focused on bringing my own best package to the stage. Unfortunately I never placed in the Ribbf competitions but I did place in Nifma. My last competition was October 2015 so by the time I step on stage again it will have been 1 year. I took this time out to try to grow some more muscle mass as its very hard to do in a short off season. I definitely think I have achieved this with the help of my coach Gerard Masterson. Last December I had breast augmentation as this is something Ive been thinking about for years. I ultimately did it for myself but I am excited to bring my best package yet to the stage in October. I will bring a leaner...more proportioned...more muscular package to stage and Im on a serious mission to get a placing this time 💪 In the last 3 years life outside the gym has still happened....family illness....financial difficulties....relationships ending but my training and focusing on my goals has helped me get through these stresses. Its important to me that even when life is crap I still work on myself and the gym is my outlet💪 In regards to workouts, can you give us an overview of a typical week? Monday Morning: hiit Evening: shoulders/chest/rear delts Tuesday back and biceps Wednesday Morning: hiit Evening: legs followed by liss cardio Thursday Biceps and shoulders followed by liss cardio Friday Morning: hiit Evening: triceps and back Saturday: Glutes and Hamstrings followed by liss cardio   If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why? Glute Bridges: Because I love how much they build the glutes and I can lift quite heavy on these Lat raises: I love the burn in the drlrs Leg press: Its great for quads/hams and glutes and can use a number of different foot positions to hit different muscles   Whats the best training tip you could give to others? Create a mind to muscle connection to make sure you are actually engaging the muscles you want to work. Dont be afraid to go heavy whilst still keeping form. Dont just go through the motions...if you want to make visible changes the you have to feel the connection.   What are your favourite meals and foods? I love all food 😆😆😆 But during prep my favourite meal of the day is my post workout oats and protein powder.   Favourite cheat food? I love a good steak but cheesecake or ice cream is always part of my cheat meal😊😊   Top 3 supplements you could not live without? Platinum & Diamond BCAA Platinum &Diamond omega fish oils Platinum & Diamond CLA   How do you stay motivated? I use myself as motivation. Yes there are lots of famous athletes that inspire me but ultimately its looking back at how far I've come that motivates me. Ive not only changed my body Ive changed my whole career in the last 3 years. I was a beauty therapist and now Im training clients to reach their own goals. I like to always set myself small goals to stay on track and this keeps me motivated.   What shows have you got coming up, where can we see you compete? RIBBF Nationals On 15th October In UCL Limerick   Anyone You Would Like To Mention? Huge thanks to my supplement sponsors Platinum & Diamond for their constant support. My coach Gerard Masterson. I know that with his knowledge and support Im going to bring my best package yet to stage. My family & friends for their support aputtingup with me lol My loyal followers for always motivating me and supporting me 💜