What Does It Take To Be A WBFF Pro Athlete? – by Lesley-Ann Armstrong

So how do I keep my figure you say????  Whats the magic pill??  Im afraid there isn’t one ladies!  To have a figure like mine involves dedication and consistency 365 days a year. 

I don’t just train now and again or stick to a diet for a short time, my life is totally structured around training and nutrition, day in and day out. I guess I am lucky my job as a personal trainer means I can plan my meals and training around work. I take regular breaks to ensure I don’t miss them. 


My day starts at 4.30am as I start work at 5.30am, I then work off and on until 7pm. During the day I spend most of my time either working, training or prepping food for the next day.  Unlike most people with a busy schedule I can’t just grab a sandwich or a chocolate bar if I’ve no food. I must preplan every meal and it has to be weighed to ensure its exactly what my body needs.


As you can imagine all this leads to a very restricted social life. It’s very hard to get healthy food locally that isn’t either full of salt or saturated in fat so if I go out for the day I have to bring food with me!  Marks and Spencer's is about as good as it gets from the high street, but it comes at a cost, so my grocery bill is very high as high protein foods like chicken, eggs, fish and vegetables are expensive. I only eat free range foods.  Going out for dinner can be hard, but most places do have a small choice of foods for us bodybuilders to eat clean if you look hard enough. 

Alcohol is out of the question, although it is absorbed rapidly it is metabolised very slowly and its effects may still impact athletic performance up to 48 hours after the last drink. It interferes with many of the processes so vital to success. Focus, performance, recovery and rebuilding are all affected so if you have a goal, and want to achieve it, sacrifices are needed to be made, alcohol is one of the many sacrifices I have made. 

You get nothing for nothing and I think people forget this. They want a flat stomach but still want to be able to eat what they like. 

I’m afraid it’s not possible and this is when you have to choose what you really want. If you want to reach your goal it will take willpower and dedication.


Training for me is at least 5 days a week, every week and sometimes twice a day.  When I am not prepping for a show my life is pretty much the same, maybe a little less weighing of foods, I have been doing it long enough now to know what I’m eating. I still eat the same sources and my training schedule remains the same.

It’s a lifestyle choice that I enjoy, it can be very strict and exhausting when approaching competition time. There is no doubt I have testing days when I am tired, but I have no choice but to train, that is what makes me who I am. I think of all the hard work I have done, I can’t just give up when it gets tough. Keep focused and continue until you reach your goal no matter how long it may take!

So the answer to what does it take to be a WBFF Pro Athlete is a lot of hard work, if you want something you have to work for it, you can rest assure it will never be easy. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it!

By Lesley-Ann Armstrong WBFF Pro