NI Pump talks to Jenni Kyle WBFF Pro

  Name:  Jenni Kyle WBFF Pro Born:  1985 Location:  Belfast Height: 5ft 5 Weight (On): 120lbs Years Training: 3 Favourite Body Part:  Glutes/abs/shoulders Favourite Exercise:  Seated Dumbell Lateral Raises Sponsors:  On the market for a sponsor Competition History: 3rd place UKBFF Ni 2013 Bikini, Qualified & competed in UKBFF British Championships 2013, WBFF Denmark May 2014 - !st place Bikini tall – Won pro card What is your background and how did you get started in fitness? I stumbled upon a few years back when I was feeling a bit low about my image and struggling with an awful relationship with food. I couldn’t believe the amazingly beautiful and strong bodies I saw before me – I began my journey with a dream to one day have a physique like that. I never imagined in a million years I would ever compete. In regards to workouts, can you give us an overview of a typical week? I would normally do 4 or 5 heavy weight sessions per week. I generally don’t stick to a ‘plan’ as such but rather listen to my body. I assess my weak areas with an aim to bring them up to parr – everything else I train to maintain and condition. If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why? This is worse than the desert Island question! Ok here goes: 1. Walking lunge [optional kick back] - I love this exercise for hitting the whole lower body. It’s great without weights for getting a good pump, and fab with heavy dumbells to work the legs and glutes hard. 2. TRX Body rows – these are fab for toning the core in a whole manner of different ways. You get to work your arms and legs also depending on which way you attach yourself – Altogether a great exercise and so versatile. 3. Seated Dumbell Lateral Raises – I just LOVE this exercise. I always get excited about it, and always push myself to the max. I love that I can see all the individual muscles working. What’s the best training tip you could give to others? To THINK about the muscle you’re working, and aim to fail as quickly as possible by really contracting the muscle. You could stand in the gym and simply ‘move weights around’ all day… but if you really connect your mind and focus on what you’re doing you will come on leaps and bounds very quickly. It is only when I learned this in the last year that I made some serious progress. What are your favourite meals and foods? I love Salmon & Tenderstem Broccoli with Basmati Rice and Soy Sauce. Clean eating is a way of life so I’m not too fussed about having dull and plain food all the time when needs be – food at the end of the day is only fuel. It is definitely worth it. Favourite cheat food? Dominos pizza, a good big rack of ribs and of course chocolate! Top 3 supplements you could not live without? ON Casein Protein is my all time must! I use it for making protein treats which definitely help with sweet cravings and it tastes amazing. L-Glutamine Powder has been a staple of mine for over a year as it really cuts healing time down; allowing me to train more often/harder. I can definitely notice the difference when I use it. This might seem like a strange one – Odourless Garlic Capsules! These have great antiviral & immune boosting qualities. I swear I used to get every single cold/flu/illness going and since I started taking these every day [since last September] I have only been sick once with a chest infection. They are the absolute holy grail! How do you stay motivated? I always set myself a goal. If I don’t have a goal in mind then I – like anyone – find it hard to stay on track. My goal might be a competition, a personal best in the gym, or even an increase in lean body mass. Motivation comes from dreaming and aiming further and higher than what you have currently achieved – so Goal setting is a must. What shows have you got coming up, where can we see you compete? I’m totally honoured to be one of only 12 girls from the whole of Europe [possibly beyond] to have been invited to compete in the WBFF Pro/Am in London O2 Arena this November 8th. I’ll be competing in the Pro Bikini Tall category – it’ll be quite an experience! I’m 5 weeks out. Who are your favourite idols? I wouldn’t say I had “Idols” so to speak; but rather a huge respect and admiration for absolutely anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and who has gotten themselves into an athletic shape. It’s something that you can’t buy, borrow, be given, accumulate, short cut, or gain easily. Something that has to be constantly worked on and maintained each and every day through pain and pushing boundaries that most people wouldn’t dream of doing.