NI PUMP Contributor – Jason Ross

3 on and off
Hamstring curls
Muscle nh2
2014 - first year competing. 1st nabba ni. 1st nabba worlds
Was always tall and thin. Got called skinny a lot and told i need to eat by family and friends. So bought some small weights and began training at home. Then joined a gym and haven't looked back!
There isn't many sports or hobbies you can physically see and show the progress you make. Its also a lifestyle that takes 100% commitment 24/7. No half measures. Everything must be done to your absolute best. And the pain and burning of the muscles being worked feels great!
Squats. Deadlifts and bench press. 3 heavy compound movements that are a must for me in off season to grow rapidly.
Use your muscles as a tool to move the weight. Not your body. In other words, lift appropriate weights and feel them working your muscle.
I keep my diet relatively similar weather I be in off season or diet mode. It consists of one to two cheat meals a week which usually consists of pizza and icecream!
Pizza and icecream!
Whey protein, Amino's, Glutamine. All for maximum recovery
I usually set personal goals and use this as motivation to keep my aims high.
Nabba NI novice class. End of april 2015. Date not confirmed.
Ronnie Coleman an 8x Mr Olympia competitor that had a freaky physic. And Lee Priest, a down to earth bodybuilder who tells things how they are. No lies